WETT Certified

Through our one of our strategic partners we offer the full WETT certified services.

There are 3 levels of WETT Certified Inspections available:

  • LEVEL 1 Readily Accessible  (Basic Visual). This inspection often requires no disassembly of the system and no tools or invasive means. The paper, pen, flashlight and measuring tape are the tools for this inspection. This is usually what the insurance company or home buyer requests. Fixed Rate.

  • LEVEL 2 Accessible. This includes taking pipes apart to look inside the system. If the chimney is very dirty, this could include sweeping or de-glazing in order to see the condition of the liner. This level is called for when the level 1 inspection detects  or suspects a hazard or following an external event (chimney fire). This level of inspection is included with a WETT certified installation or upgrade of major components. Hourly rate or included with installation.

  • LEVEL 3 Concealed Accessibility. This type of inspection is only completed by WETT certified SITE Comprehensive Inspectors. It includes a comprehensive written report. It includes the components of a Level 1 and Level 2 inspection as well as accesses areas  that are not accessible. This may be necessary to check for damage to building components in concealed areas of the system, or system non-compliance. Hourly rate.

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT Inc.) is a Canadian non-profit training and education association. Wood Energy Technical Training Program (WETT) is for practitioners of trades related to the sale, installation, maintenance and inspection of systems using wood and other biomass fuels. The courses are very informative and include members from the insurance industry and regional building departments, stove retail outlets, masons, sweeps, and installers.

Most private insurance companies and local authorities have recognized the WETT training program and its members as the highest standard of expertise. Most now require a WETT certification when a home is built, bought or sold and when any wood heat system is upgraded.

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