Entrances, Walls and Walkways

Stone Entrance Ways:

The entrance way to a property is the first thing people see, and often the only thing they see when passing by. Therefore street appeal is an important feature and who wouldn’t agree with the timeless appeal of quality stonework. Used in conjunction with wrought iron gates or alternative fencing entrance ways can make your home secure.

Stone Walls:

Stone walls are visually pleasing ways to define boundaries and create geometric clean lines in open spaces. Stone Creations can create council approved stable retaining walls for those more demanding landscapes. Or add value to your yard with terraced walls for garden beds and stone fencing.

Stone Walkways & Steps:

Stone sits well in landscapes as stone expresses solidity and a sense of permanence which contrasts beautifully with the ever moving and changing plant life surrounding it. A consistent platform to complement any garden or landscape style.

Create a cohesive design by using stonework in multiple areas of your outdoor area, including paving, pillars and steps. Paving and stone stairs are a perfect  way to bring people safety to the next level in a 3-dimensional multi level landscaped space.