Packing for college, especially as a freshman, is really overwhelming. There is so much to remember that it becomes

easy to forget the little things that, although not life-changing, are still very important. They’ll make living away from home a little bit easier, and even better – they will help you have the coolest dorm ever.


From useful dorm decor to space-saving storage to even food, these are the 21 items you didn’t know you needed for your dorm room. Girls who aren’t headed off to college: these things are still great for your bedroom at home, so don’t feel left out! Want to be the envy of all your roommates? Check these out and start shopping!



  1. A Notti

I’m obsessed with my Notti and I think you all should buy one! You can set up this little guy to light up whenever you get a notification – via text, email, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It’s perfect for when your roommate is in a deep sleep and you don’t want your phone to wake him/her. It’s also great if you don’t have your phone right next to you. And it’s cute!



  1. A Lap Desk

I am also obsessed with this thing because it makes being lazy so much easier.It’s a piece of wood on top of a comfy pillow that holds your tablet (and coffee and bagel if you’d like). It takes away the need to hold your tablet while in bed and is generally awesome. It’s also great if you have a little keyboard to use, so you can do work in bed without lugging your laptop around.



  1. A Clip Lamp

This lamp clips onto your bed, making it easy for you to read or study at night if your roommate is asleep. Also, dorm rooms don’t usually have great lighting, so this gives you enough light no matter where the other lamps are in the room.



  1. A Storage Table

Dorm rooms are small, and even though you want to add a lot of homey accessories, you often can’t. I love this Ikea storage set. It has multiple compartments and also acts as a little table.



  1. Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Speakers are a necessity that are really easy to forget about. JAM speakers are great because they’re not pricey, but they work super well. I love this one, which lights up and will make you feel like you’re in a rave. It’s great for parties in your dorm room.



  1. Bedside Storage

A bedside caddy like this one is great for a bunk bed, if you’re high up and have to lumber on down every time you need something. Put the important things in here. It’s also a perfect place to put your phone if it’s charging.



  1. Laundry Bags

I’m sure you thought to bring along a hamper for your laundry. But in case you haven’t already realized, laundry can get messy fast. These little bags are so cute and will help you organize your bras and underwear, which are the most delicate to handle.



  1. A Little Crockpot

If you’ve never used a CrockPot, you’re missing out. These things are awesome. If you want to try to cook some of your own meals, this will make it a lot easier because it can cook without you having to do anything. It’s small enough to carry around and it will also warm up your leftovers.



  1. An Ironing Blanket

You’re living on your own now, meaning your mom can’t iron your clothes anymore. Ironing requires a surface to iron on, but a big table is hard to store when you’re trying to save space. This ironing blanket is much easier to store and move around.



  1. A Book Light

If you’re living with a roomie who falls asleep early and likes it to be dark, you need a book light. I love this one because it really does light up the entire page. Small book lights that clip on the top often don’t work that well.



  1. A Shark Oven Mitt

Do you have an oven in your dorm room? No, of course not. So why do you need this? Um, because it’s amazing. Plus, you’re going to be handling SOME hot items from the microwave and maybe a toaster oven. Also, like I said, it’s awesome.



  1. Office Accessories

It’s easy to forget that we have to actually do schoolwork in our dorm rooms. This Kate Spade set of office supplies is perfect for whatever you need. It’s also adorable to look at and will keep you organized. There’s an eraser, pencil sharpener (it sparkles), pencils, tape, post-its, and clips. When you’re done using the supplies inside, you can use the box itself to store more stuff!



  1. A Phone Protector

Welcome to college, the place where you will lose and/or break your phone at least once. At least. You also might drop it in a toilet or a sink or the shower or your drink. Have this bag just in case. It will fix your soaking wet phone! And if yours doesn’t get wet, someone else’s will – be their angel!



  1. A Hi-Tech Pillow

This memory foam pillow has an unexpected feature – one side is warmer and more plush, the other side is cooler. How cool! You need to buy pillows for your bed, so why not get these to be extra comfortable?



  1. A Pen Holder

You know what makes any more space look instantly more special? Plants. Since I seriously doubt you want to care for plants, get a fake one – like this, which is also useful. You can stick pens and pencils in the “grass,” and put your phone and other little objects in the tray. It brightens up your space and helps you out!



  1. Cheese

Okay, this might sound out of place, but it’s not. Why? Everyone loves cheese. You’re going to have friends come by your dorm and most of the time, everyone will be hungry. Why not have cheese?! Alouette makes amazing cheese dips in so many different flavors. Stock up on a bunch and become everyone’s favorite dorm room.



  1. A Power Strip

Is it weird to love a power strip? Because I love this one. It’s a flexible power strip that, obviously, moves around to make things easier for you. You can get bigger ones than this if you want.



  1. Bed Risers

Storing stuff under the bed will make your life easier. But sometimes dorm beds are too close to the floor to make that happen. Enter bed risers!



  1. Hangers That Have Grips

Hangers without grips are literally the worst. These hangers are made with a special material that will hold onto your clothes so they don’t constantly slip off.



  1. Bed Bug Blocker

Bed bugs are gross. They also can spread easily in dorm buildings. Protect yourself with a mattress protector. Trust me on this one.



  1. Selfie Stick

Everyone loves to hate on selfie sticks, but everyone also secretly loves them. That’s because selfie sticks are the best! They make it so much easier to take pictures of you and your friends. This one is especially easy because it runs on Bluetooth and has this little button to use. The ones that don’t can be difficult to work.



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